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  • Deanna Smith
    December 13, 2015

    Please hold another of these workshops soon!!!! I recently figured out that my struggles since 2008 are due to an autoimmune disease as well as my 12 year old daughter being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (Aug this yr). I feel as if I have hit a brick wall and don’t know if I can do this without a team! My autoimmune issues flair up the worst in the winter and I am slipping into a huge hole quickly. I truly believe we can control her T1D if we eat to heal, but I can barely drum up the energy to figure out a quick unhealthy meal most days:( HELP!!!!

    • Cabbaged
      December 15, 2015

      I can totally sympathize. Sometimes I feel like its the chicken and the egg debate. If I stuck to a rigid diet, exercise and sleep routine I could keep the flares at bay… but I am so exhausted I don’t feel like it 🙁 Having people who understand that is so helpful, and we truly do.
      We will definitely have another AIP workshop as well as other whole foods workshops coming up. In the coming year we are also setting up lots of support programming to help folks navigate these difficulties. Please do stay in touch and stop in the shop any time if you need some help or just to vent!

      • Deanna Smith
        December 15, 2015

        Thank you. I definitely will as soon as feel well enough to drive.

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