Kickshaws Gluten-Free Bakery

Our breads are baked daily to ensure the freshest possible product for our valued customers. We offer a variety of breads including our very popular gluten-free sourdough bread as well as a whole grain and white style. We also have a number of bun and roll options to fit all your entertaining needs as well.

Our breads tend to be a little heavier than some of your typical gluten-free breads but there is a method to our madness. We blend our flours with a higher grain/starch content than most gluten-free breads offer, giving them a much bigger nutritional boost that much of what is currently on the market. We also mill most of our grains for our breads in-house so that we can not only assure that we are getting the best quality flours that are fresh, but also so that we can ensure that our flours are not cross contaminated with any wheat or gluten containing grains or equipment. We have found through research that typically the milling process is where many producers end up losing the gluten-free certification of their flours so we just cut out the middle man and mill our grains ourselves. This is just one detail that goes into each and every product we create at Kickshaws to ensure the best and safest products for our customers.