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Imagine walking into a bakery and not having to even think about your dairy allergy or wondering what items are vegan! Welcome to Kickshaws Gluten-free Bakery where everything we produce is top 9 allergen free (milk, eggs, nuts, fish, crustaceans, shellfish, wheat, soy and sesame) and 100% vegan, all. the. time. 

At our bakery located at 1511 Central Park Blvd. in Fredericksburg, Virginia you can walk in Tuesday- Sunday and choose from a variety of baked goods, breads, light meals and coffee from our full espresso bar. You are also welcome to pre-order baked goods and treats.

At Kickshaws our delicious foods and baked goods aren’t just “ok for gluten-free” or “not bad for vegan”, but 

“Wow, I can’t believe that is gluten-free and vegan!”

Our Promise

At Kickshaws, we are completely transparent in all we do. When you have a family member with food allergies, there is nothing more important than keeping them safe.


We are committed to carefully vetting all ingredients to be certain our products are safe for all our customers.


We work with our community, local and national organizations to help support those with serious food allergies.


We aim to provide information and education to our community partners in allergen food safety.

A familiar start....

Owner, Kathy, found herself in a tough spot after she found she and her son had Celiac Disease. As a baker, she had to learn how to bake all over again with completely different materials. Adding to that, her daughter also had a severe dairy allergy. She took that challenge and decided that she would make living and eating normal and safe for her own kids. It was that passion that started Kickshaws Gluten-free Bakery- to be sure everyone- kid and adult alike- could simply "treat more, worry less."

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