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At Kickshaws we believe that everyone deserves to be celebrated even if you have a food allergy or are vegan. At Kickshaws you can get your cake and literally eat it too, everyone can! 

All cakes must be ordered a minimum of one week in advance. Cake bookings are very dependent on our schedule, so we recommend you order your cake as soon as you have a solid date in mind. Once our calendar is filled for a date, we close it for bookings. We would love to do cakes for everyone every day, but we are a small business with a small staff of amazing folks who work hard to make the best baked goods we can. Unfortunately we can not make cakes same day. If you have a specific design in mind or other special request please complete our Custom Cake Design form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

At the bakery we do offer single layer 6" and 8" cakes daily, first come first serve. Call the bakery to check for availability. 

How To Order:

• Check out the cake options below.
• Choose your layer type, design, filling and size.
• Call the bakery to place your order
• Choose from the Kickshaws Custom Cakes designed by our amazing baking team!

We require a minimum of 1 week on cake orders, once the dates are booked, we close orders for the day. Get your orders in as soon as possible!

Kickshaws Custom Cakes

Choose from our classic and specialty cake flavors curated by our amazing baking team.

Classic vanilla, chocolate or marble cake. 6" Single Layer $24.99   8" single layer $29.996" Double Layer $48.99  8" double layer $58.00

Decadent chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate butter cream style icing.
6" Single Layer $24.99   8" single layer $29.99
6" Double Layer $58.99  8" double layer $66.00

Chocolate cake with with chocolate mint buttercream style icing and chocolate ganache.
6" Single Layer $24.99   8" single layer $29.99
6" Double Layer $58.99  8" double layer $66.00